Meet some of the exhibitors at LabDays Oslo, and hear why they participates...

CEO Jan Schäffer, HOUM AS "Since 1926, HOUM AS has supplied technical expertise, laboratory equipment and instruments to Norwegian Companies, institutions and research institutions. We haven't had a lab fair in Norway since 2018; so, we are very happy to take part at the maiden voyage for the new LabDays Oslo fair at X Meeting Point. We look forward to meeting customers, colleagues and friends from the industry and showing all the latest news from HOUM." 

Business Area Manager Sirpa Myllyperkiö, Software Point "Software Point is the leading Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) company in Northern Europe. Having exhibited at LabDays both in Stockholm and Copenhagen last year, we look forward to be exhibitors in Oslo."

Product Manager Kim Stjerne, Biolab A/S "Biolab is a Danish located company, and we represent about 20 lab equipment and test-tube companies in the Nordic countries. We have participated at nearly all the LabDays fairs right from the start in 2014; so, we will off course also take part in the new LabDays fair in Oslo this October."  

BU Manager Laila H. Kvalheim, Holger Hartmann AS ”

We are proud to say we are a significant supplier to Norwegian industry, to commercial laboratories, universities, research environments and hospitals. So we didn’t hesitate when we heard about the plans to establish LabDays Oslo at Hellerudsletta, and the opportunity to again have the whole lab environment in Norway gathered again. We look forward to two active days in October.

Owner Terje Aasoldsen, Samsi AS
“We have participated at the LabDays fairs in both Denmark and Sweden, so, we were very excited when we heard that the team behind LabDays, were about to start up in Norway. We think it is important to have a forum for the Norwegian Lab industry, so we are excited to be a part of the maiden voyage for the new LabDays Oslo 2023.”

Sales Director Nina Nielsen Bjerke, Nerliens Mesansky AS "Nerliens Meszansky, with roots back to 1917, is the oldest company amongst Norwegian suppliers of laboratory equipment. We are very happy that the people behind the LabDays fairs in Denmark and Sweden now have taken the initiative to also conduct their fair in Norway. We think it is important that our industry have a forum where we can meet face-to-face, and ensure a close relation between all parties in our industry. And this is why we take part in the new event.”

Sales Manager Odd Arne Jonasmo, Metrohm Nordic AS ”Our subsidiary company in Denmark and Sweden have participated at LabDays fairs in their own countries for the last many years with success. So, we didn’t hesitate to sign up when the new LabDays Oslo 2023 was launched. We really look forward to the first LabDays fair at X Meeting Point, and are happy that Norway once again can have an exhibition platform for our industry”.

Ph.d./Nordic Customer Manager Rebecka Lindbom, SSI Diagnostica A/S “Over the years, we have participated at the LabDays fairs in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Stockholm. So, we didn't have to spend a lot of time thinking whether we should attend the new LabDays fair in Oslo. We look forward to participate at LabDays Oslo in October.”

Account Manager Christine Vimo, QIAGEN Norway "QIAGEN's journey began in the mid-1980s and today we are some 6,000 employees, based in more than 25 countries, provide expertise and service to customers everywhere. We have chosen to exhibit at the new LabDays Oslo because we would like to support the idea of having a exhibition platform for our industry in Norway.”

Regional Sales Leader Nordic Christine E. Regnell “PerkinElmer is a leading, global provider of end-to-end solutions. We took part at the last LabDays fair in Copenhagen, and it was a great success for us. And that is why we also will take part in the upcoming LabDays fair at X Meeting Point in Skjetten. We look forward to welcome the Norwegian lab industry to Skjetten; and we hope for the same success as we experienced in Copenhagen.”

Sales Director Nordic Lennart Schwartz, LECO Nordic "LECO has over 25 subsidiaries and international offices worldwide. Millions of samples worldwide have been analyzed using LECO instruments for elemental analysis, thermal analysis, metallography, and mass spectrometry. LECO has participated at LabDays fairs both in Copenhagen and Stockholm; so we are very excited to also take part in the first LabDays fair in Oslo.”

Sales Coordinator Annette Henriksen, Insatech A/S “

Insatech represent Veolia and supply TOC og Endotoxin analyzers including Service in the Nordic countries.   
Over the past several years, we have participated in the LabDays fairs in Denmark and Sweden with great success; and since we also are on the Norwegian market, we have chosen to also participate in LabDays Oslo 2023 and hope for the same success there.”

Head of Health Tech Thomas Andersen, Danish Export Association "We have decided to establish a Danish pavilion with companies within the danish life science industry. Our goal is to gather 8-10 Danish companies at our pavillon at LabDays Oslo; and our aim is to combine this with an event together with the Danish Embassy in Oslo. So we really look forward to the new LabDays fair in Oslo this October.”
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