Welcome as visitor to LabDays Oslo 2023
The fair will take place from from Wednesday 11 to Thursday 12 October

at X Meeting Point in Skjetten outside Oslo

X Meeting Point address

Kragerudveien 50, 2013 Skjetten

LabDays Oslo 2023 will take place at X Meeting Point in Skjetten outside Oslo. 

When you get to the venue, you will find the main entrance in the middle off the building facing the large square in front of the building.

Oppening hours

Wednesday 11th October from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Thursday 12th October from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

How to get your admission ticket

All visitors have to register when visiting LabDays Oslo 2023. It is free of charge to get your admission ticket, but you must have an professionel connection to the lab industry.

There are two ways to get your admission ticket. You can pre-register at our homepage (www.labdays.nu). Use the menu button below. When you have register you will within a minut get an mail with your admission ticket, which you have to print out afterwards. It is importen that you bring your admission ticket with you, when visiting the fair. 

The alternative is to register when you enter LabDays Oslo. There are compurters and staff at the entrance; so they can help you register and print out your admission ticket. 


X Meeting Point have 4.500 parking lots around the venue, and the lot is open all day long. 

You have to pay to park at X Meeting Point. There are two ways to pay. You can use the parking mascines located at the parking area (take credit cards), or you can pay by using some off the common parking app's such as EasyPark. 

How to get there

X Meeting Point is located in Skjetten (Hellerudsletta) and are located along the national road no. 22, between the two cities Hvam and Gjelleråsen. At the road to Hellerudsletta is a sign with E6 (exit no. 44, and further along the national road 4 from Gjelleråsen. Local taxi: +47 09080. Flight bus from the Airport, line FB1 - stop and get off at Møtepunkt X. 


We have established a cloakroom at the entrance to the fair (in the exhibition hall). The cloakroom is manned and it is free of charge to use to cloakroom.